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Minimum: ฿0.010000
Maximum: ฿0.500000

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3.2% DAILY

Minimum: ฿0.500001
Maximum: ฿1.500000

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3.5% DAILY

Minimum: ฿1.500001
Maximum: ฿5.000000

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Minimum: ฿5.000001
Maximum: ฿10.000000

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4.7% DAILY

Minimum: ฿10.000001
Maximum: ฿20.000000

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Minimum: ฿20.000001
Maximum: ฿40.000000

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Welcome to Bit Trading Group Ltd.
We are a cryptocurrency investment company offering profitable and stable trading solutions through our investment platform which works for our members in automatic mode. In other words, our members are only required to make a deposit and withdraw profits. The complex part of the profits generating process is tackled by our group of traders who are specialized in bitcoin and alternative coins trading. Our team of professional traders is always focused on identifying the right timing for trade entry to maximize the company's income and our members' profits. We offer a chance for those who are not familiar with trading, to earn good profits by investing their own bitcoins into the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry. We offer 6 different investment plans for our users to choose from in a way that perfectly suits them.

You will Get Income Every Minute!
This is the reason we have employed a cutting-edge and easy to use platform with extensive infra-structure allowing everyone to start investing in few easy steps. It is enough to invest just 0.01 BTC to make sure it’s true. Even with such a tiny deposit, you will be able to see how it works: you will get your first income in 60 seconds already!
Our clients can enjoy their Bitcoin growing each and every minute. Once you have become an active investor, a minutely interest rate in the range of 3% up to 6% daily will be applied to your investment.
All plans are principal included, this means you cannot request your deposit back.

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Fixed daily returns with high interests

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Support you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

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All withdrawal requests processes are instant

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